About me

Hi my name is Fabio (a.k.a Fabs)


Simplicity and performance is the key

Hi, my name is Fabio a.k.a Fabs. I’m a very enthiusastic Frontend Developer. Strongly intereseted in web performance and modular and reusable code. To keep my inner balance, I train and teach Arnis/Kali/Eskrima where I’m part of the Core-Team of the Arnis Club Zurich. Arnis is a filipino martial art, based on weapons and emptyhand fighting. To live out my creativity I do photography and love to take portraits of people and transform them into artworks. In addition to everything I’m part the organisation comitee (since 2017) of the Vorstadt Sounds Festival based in Zurich Albisrieden.


Since 2019 I led and supervised a small group of 3 frontend developers (two juniors and one professional) where I was responsible for their wellbeing and feelgood in the company. I did one-on-ones and yearly performance reviews with them. I also was responsible to improve their skills by sending them into courses or doing workshops together.

Tech Stack

During the couple of years I’m working in the field now I’ve used and seen a lot of tools and methods that help me get my work done in a sustainable way.

Here is just a small list of the tools I used on daily bases:

Vue.js, React, Javascript, Gulp, NodeJs, Webpack, Ajax, Hapi, Git, Unit- Intergration- and End-to-End-Tests, Javascript/Typescript, Mocha, Enzyme, Docker, Scrum, TDD, CI/CD, Responsive Design, Device Optimisations, SEO, Accessibility, JWT, Performance Optimisation, Component Based Development, Storybook, Lighthouse